Newcomers, regulars, families, singles, couples, non-members… a very warm British welcome. The British Society is open to all.


The British Society is open to people of every nationality looking to meet new friends and socialize in a backdrop of British events in Mexico. With such a variety of people from diverse backgrounds, it’s difficult not to find people who you can connect with.


We all like a bit of fun, and there is no shortage of fun with the British Society. Fun is the common thread that runs through all the sporting and social activities throughout the year.


The British Society in Mexico aims to bring together British and Mexican citizens to share and combine the best of what both Societies have to offer. Whether you’re a temporary expat, passing through, a British citizen who has put down roots in Mexico, or a Mexican national who just likes the Beatles we welcome your involvement and contribution to our expanding community. Whether it’s directly or through affiliated organizations The British Society aims to make a positive contribution to Mexico in general development and times of need.


You can buy all the guide books you like, but there is still nothing better than getting local information from the people who know. It’s nice to get under the skin of the country quickly and appreciate the many different things to do that the guide books forget to tell you.


It’s always good to try something new or different.


As part of its aim the British Society supports a range of active charities in Mexico. It also aims to provide a conduit for its members to make a positive contribution to Mexican society.


While you don’t have to be a member to enjoy The British Society, there are some attractive discounts on offer. Membership is just $350mxnp a year for single membership or $500mxnp for a family membership! Payments made in a particular quarter will be valid until the end of the month of that quarter in the following year.

So there you have it, lots of great reasons to join the British Society or renew your membership.  To renew or join, send an email to Nick Joanes, our membership secretary, through our Contact page.  There in the drop-down Office list, you can select his name and compose your correspondence