About Us

Mexico’s oldest and most diverse English-speaking network

Whether you have just moved to the Mexico or have even been here for some time, it can sometimes be hard to re-start your life in a new or unfamiliar country. Becoming accustomed to the culture, familiar with the area and comfortable with meeting new people can be difficult and not a little intimidating! That is where membership of the British Society can help—by providing a forum for you to meet other people in the same situation, thus enabling you to get more out of your life in Mexico and helping you settle into your new environment.

We also look to build on the strong cultural ties and the shared heritage of Mexico and Britain. The British Society encourages membership of Mexican nationals who have an interest in British society and who are keen to strengthen the cultural bonds Britain and Mexico.

The Society offers a program of social and educational activities and welcomes all English speakers to its extensive range of events. We aim to build up and facilitate a range of enjoyable events and activities, such as restaurant, pub, dance and film nights, bridge, Spanish conversation and play reading. Apart from these, there are several one-off events that are run throughout the year such as, the annual Gala Ball, Mexico’s exclusive Guy Fawkes Night and a St. Georges Day dinner. We aim to have something to offer to all ages and all tastes and we welcome members of any age, from eight to eighty (and beyond!).

So, whatever your age, nationality or interests, The British Society aims to offer “something for everyone”.

The British Society is a pro-active and multi-cultural organisation which is run by its members for its members. The committee and key contacts are all volunteers and are always looking for “new blood” anybody can be on the committee, just as long as they are a member of the Society. This can be a great way to get yourself involved in the Mexican way of life and meet like-minded individuals, whilst giving something back to the new community that you are living in. Whether you want to get involved in organising one of the more regular activities or you have your own idea for a new addition to the events calendar, the committee is always there to give advice and support—you can involve yourself as little or as much as you like and will be a welcome addition to the existing team.

If you’d like to get involved please get in touch through webmaster@british-society.org

British Society Committee