How to set up and promote an event

Got an idea for, or want to promote, an event or activity?

Want to set up a one-off event, organise a regular activity, or just want to let more people know about something you already organise?  We are happy to help.  Depending on what you want to do, just follow the relevant process below.

We are happy to promote any events that we feel are relevant to our membership, even if they are not ‘official’ British Society events.  However, promotion is at the discretion of the events coordinator and the British Society committee.

And…we are always looking for organisers for existing events.

If you are willing to help out, please contact our events coordinator through our British Society Events and Activities Contact Us page.

1. EVENT IDEA: Got an idea for a new event or regular activity you want to organise?

Contact our Events Coordinator through our British Society Events and Activities Contact Us page. Do this as far in advance of the event or start of the activity as possible (2 months is usually the minimum).

If it is a regular activity, our coordinator will advise if such an activity already exists or if there are any conflicts with other activities.  If not, you will be asked to follow EXISTING EVENT instructions below.

If a one-off event our events coordinator will gain any necessary committee approval, advise on timing, place it in the calendar and determine the level of communications it will receive through British Society channels.

As organiser, your responsibility is for all planning, necessary bookings and to provide timely communications information.   The events co-ordinator will assist in finding volunteer helpers if needed, guide you through the process and co-ordinate the publication of information.

2. PROMOTE EXISTING EVENT:   Want to let people know about an existing regular activity you already run? 

Send the following information to our Webmaster through our British Society Contact Us page:

What — a line or two about what it is-200 words should be fine

When — time and day of the week or month such as 19.00-21.00 every Thursday.  Include if the activity only runs at certain times in the year such as  from May to September.

Where — full address

Contact — organiser’s name and email address that can be published

Costs — per event or season

Registration required — any instructions about if, or by when, people need to let you know they are coming.

Please Note:  EVENT IDEAS  will generally (though not always) be determined as ‘British Society’ events and include British Society in the title as well as proactively promote

To update details of events and activities already being promoted, contact our webmaster through our British Society Contact Us page.